Random Thoughts…

So…it has been quite a while since I have posted anything…many things have happened through the last couple of months…

I have had truly severe tendinitis and the doc put me on complete restrictions, no pushing, no pulling, no lifting anything over 3 pounds, and no typing with my right arm! UG! Do you know how are that one is? Anyways, it is slowly getting better…

Mike starts active duty May 1st permantly. Although he will be stateside and be in Murfreesboro most of the time, he will be spending quite a bit away from home in the later months of this. He actually goes on duty in November, comes home 2 weeks for the holidays and then sets sail for Iraq on January 2nd….Oh boy…(sigh)…

Have you ever wondered where you would be if life had taken you in a different direction? If you had gone a different direction after high school, if I hadn’t done this, or hadn’t done that? What if? Why does the Lord seem fit to set certain people in your life only at certain times in your life? After all, there is a reason for everything…Everything! LOL! So…I was just wondering…sometimes we don’t know why that person is there until after they are gone…Here is a thought…Why would someone you knew so many years ago suddenly show up now? Why hadn’t they been there all along? Friendship is friendship, and it just doesn’t come and go…Why do we loose touch with those that mean so much in high school? I have always been bad about keeping in touch with friends from the past…Why didn’t I do a better job…Ok..here is this thought…I graduated 20 years ago NEXT MONTH! UG! Where are all of those friends now? Oh sure, I could tell you where a few are, but not the ones that were truly close to me! The ones that were there when it mattered the most…


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