Competing Next month!

Well, as most of you know out there, I love to sing! I sing in a barbershop chorus called the TuneTown Show Chorus. This is 95+ women singing 4 part harmony without instruments…just our voices. Well, I am now officially registered with a quartet of 3 other women in my chorus and our name is Backstage Pass. Every spring our chorus competes in our regional competition to see who gets to compete in the international competition. You are eligible every other year if you win to go to international…We competed last year and came in 13th! To us this was a wonderful feat, because it was our first time ever to compete at the international level. (In other words, with the big dogs) If we win next month with our chorus, we will be competing in Nashville! How funny is that? Anyway…I think I got sidetracked…my quartet is competing in the quartet competition. This is very exciting, but it is a lot of hard work and commitment. We don’t expect to win, but we would like to come in a decent place. We have all been working very hard. Singing is no easy job. Especially when it is you and 3 others and you have sing a chord the is beautiful and melodic to the ears! LOL! We have rehearsal at least once a week and coaching sessions on top of it! Whoo…is it over yet? 🙂


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