America, we’ve got talent!

Yep, that is what we said for one of the little commercial dohickies we did…then we sang “we’ve got talent”…just like Hallelujah…

 It was so awesome! We had cameras following us everywhere! Trevor, my son, even had a camera guy follow him while he carrying one of the risers from the elevator to where we set the up! I laughed so hard when I saw him walk in the door, cameraman right behind, and right behind the cameraman was a guy carrying a big long microphone! LOL! Can’t wait to see if that is on the show!

What an awesome experience for TT! The PR alone will be tremendous! The two judges that watched us seemed to like us very much, one of them was even moving to the beat! OH, OH…I can’t wait! It will probably be March or April before we know if we are on the call back list. Don’t worry though, I will be sure to let you all know!

Speaking of TT…We are doing singing valentines for Valentine’s Day! Don’t know what to get your sweetie, then take a look at this! Singing Valentines


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