Things to do with your teenagers…

I know me and the one thing that constantly stays on my mind is my kids (who are 12 and 15) and what do they do when I am not around…I always make it a point to mention smoking, drinking, drugs, and sex…just so they feel comfortable in talking with me. I have truly amazed at how open my son (the 15 year old) has been with me…That is one thing I am truly thankful for! The other side of it is my daughter (the 12 year old), she is fast approaching the age as to when I started “getting in trouble”…I just pray everyday that I am doing the right things to keep them away from all of the things that are out there. I am realistic, and kids will be kids, and they will try things just because they are there…
This is one of the resolutions I have made for this year…I am devoting more time and energy focusing on what is going on in my children’s lives than I have in the past. I found this really neat article that really gives me some good ideas…I hope you enjoy it too…

5 Out-of-the-box ways to connect with your teen, tween, and young kids…


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