It goes something like this…we all have issues…
No matter how much you love your spouse, every marriage has it’s bumps and bruises. Now, this is not going to be a Mike bashing party…we both just need prayers right at this moment. We have several things pressing on our lives one being money (who doesn’t right?) and the other that is on my mind is Iraq! Yep, that is right we will be lucky if he has 6 months before he leaves…That one was signed, sealed, and delivered this weekend during the National Guard Christmas festivities! Those of you that know us, know that Mike spent over a year in Germany, he has been back not quite 2 years. 14 months away from home, no matter where you go, is a long time! I did ok, and I had some wonderful people in our lives that even paid for one of my trips to go visit him (that was a perk), but when he came back we had issues………(sound familiar)…When you have been the “main” adult running the show, and all of the sudden you come in and there are shoes sitting on the floor that didn’t sit there before or clothes laying on the bed that you are not used to you have “issues”….It seems like we have just gotten past those issues, and it looks as if it is going to happen again…The only problem this time is there will be issues on top of all the other issues! IRAQ! We were lucky the first time, but it doesn’t appear to he is going to dodge the bullet this time…:-( Please, please, please keep us in your prayers! There will be issues (there is that word again) that will come up financially, emotionally, physically, and emotionally(had to put that one in there again, once wasn’t enough) that we will be dealing with from now until he gets back from being deployed…

There just always seems to be issues (should have been my middle name)…:-)


One thought on “Issues

  1. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I love you and am here for you…Jesse has been talking about taking a civilian job in Iraq lately. The money is soo good…but not sure it’s worth the “ISSUES”.

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