I can not wait until Calgary!

Ok…so I am back….
After a very extensive, long week our show is over, and it was one of the most awesome experiences of my life! I was the show chair this year, and although it was a lot of work if was very, very rewarding! The adrenaline, energy, and just the simple fact I got to speak in front of 1300 people (even if it was just a few little lines 🙂 )! The costumes we have not are just awesome! Oh…and let me tell you what else happened! We were presented with this huge plague by one of our state senators from Governor Phil Bredeson, and he declared October 11th (the day we are competing in Calgary) as TuneTown recognition day! How cool is that !!!!

We only have 2 more weeks until we compete in Calgary, Canada! This is no little league competition! We are competing against choruses from all over the globe! If you are able you can watch us via webcast Thursday October 11th at 11:52 am…(that is mountain standard time, 1:52 Central time)! TuneTown Show Chorus and 32 other women’s choruses all competing! Can you imagine all of the women that will be there? We have 90 women that will be on stage, some of them have over 150…What an awesome experience! If any of you would like to come with me one evening (we have rehearsal every Monday night in Bellevue) just to experience what a wonderful thing Sweet Adeline’s International is please let me know! I would love for you to come with me!


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