So much to do…

Where do I start? I have so much going on right now, I would give anything to just stop and enjoy life around me! I am so guilty of not slowing down! The chorus I am in has our annual show 2 weeks from tonight! Oh, and did I mention, I am show Chair this year? Yep, that is right, I am the head honcho…It is an awesome and wonderful experience, but working full time, going to school at night, rehearsal on Mondays for 3 hours, plus all of the hours at home working on the show, ballgames (have I mentioned my daughter is a middle school cheerleader this year 🙂 ), I think my brain is slowly shutting down! UG! One thing I am totally excited about is my chorus is competing internationally next month in Calgary, Canada! Take a look here! A whole week competing, and spending time with my husband!

Tomorrow we are going to church with my mom and dad. They are having their Friend’s Day! It should be totally awesome! They are having the Jesus Painter at both services. If you have never seen one of his videos, you really need to watch it!

Also, please be praying for my friend Tam and her whole family…They are making some big decisions right now and need all of the prayers they can get! I am so excited for them!


One thought on “So much to do…

  1. I just love you!! You are precious. Have a great time tomorrow…we will be wishing we were there instead of dealing with the throws of throw up…we are on round three…that is Landen, Evyn & Parker…just waiting on Tyler…HURRY UP! 🙂

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