Right at this moment I am having a conflict…I feel as if my whole life revolves around pulling people. Emotionally, spiritually, physically…I am the leader! I just wish I those around me that would take the reigns and pull me for a little while. If I sit back and don’t (for example….the trash) constantly have to tell people it is there and it needs to be taken out, it just doesn’t get done. Why is this? I have to take the initiative at everything, at home, at work, and sometimes I even feel that way with church. I am so tired, yet I don’t feel as if i do enough! Is there a word for this, or a name? I am sorry this is so about me…but right at the moment it is what is on my heart…


3 thoughts on “Pulling….

  1. We all feel like that at times. The other day I was saying something similar to a friend, at the time I was complaining about having just cleaned the floor in the camper and it was already covered with dirt. She replied, “That’s life.” And my son corrected her, “No, that’s wife – with kids.” Too true! As a wife and mother it is too easy to feel overwhelmed with all we truly need to do as well as what we think others think we should do. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. I understand and commiserate! Remember this: we are raising the wives and husbands of tomorrow so if we can get them to do it on their own…maybe someday they will for their spouse. What a shock that will be for some little wife/mother in the future, a husband who does things on his own…you can look to the future to see what you are doing in the present.

    What did you think of the sermon today? I was BLOWN away. BLOWN AWAY!

  3. I have felt like this alot lately too. I have a blog about it actually..well I didn’t write it but it helped me on one of my worst days. I think it is my 3rd blog down called “But God sees…”

    check it out and keep your head up.

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