Ha! Go figure, no football game tonight…They cancelled all outdoor activities for our school system today…14…that’s right 14 days straight over 100 degrees and they don’t know when it will go down….Record Breaking! 23 days out of 24 in August have been 95 degrees and above! The longest record in the state history for any month of any year! When will it cool off? UG!

Ok…next subject…
I have been home from work since about 5:30 today. We had subs for supper…how simple…LOL, everyone gets to fix it just like they like and mom doesn’t have to do it for them! Anyways…I have been laying in my bed with peace and quiet since around 7ish…working on homework, responding to my TAGS (thanks TAM), just plain ole surfing….I reckon I better give my eyes a rest…I have to get up and go to work and look at the computer all day long!

Check out Point of Grace’s new CD that comes out next week…My neighbor wrote the song the album is named after and they are singing on their website!


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