So what seems to be the problem?

With all of the wonderful technology we have these days, does anyone ever try to be their own doctor? Typing your syptoms into Google is so simple….I sit down and I go over everything I can think of looking for information. I have had this ongoing problem, and seems that there is never an end to it…
First, my blood pressure drops too low (90/56, that is dangerous), I pass out in the bathroom…so the doctor takes me off all of my blood pressure medicines (diuretics and bpm)…
Well, because I had been on the diuretics for so long my ankles just seem to swell, and swell, and swell…the advice from doctor, “well I really don’t want you to take the diuretics, but only take them if you absolutely need them”…My ankles are as big as cantelopes by now…DUH!
Now, as of yesterday, my bp is going right back up…(2 pm today 132/90)
UUUUUUGGGGGGG! Does anyone else get frustrated at doctors these days?

Now, let me make this statement…my brother is a radiologist…not just your normal radiologist, but an interventional radiologist…Even he says you can’t have someone go cold turkey with this kind of meds…

Ok, so I am rambling…it just seems that when you go to a doctors office these days, it is lets see how many patients we can get in and out today so we can make more money….
Where is the customer service? If I treated my customers at work the way we get treated by doctors I would be fired!!!


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