Yea, schools out for my kids!

Why is it that when it gets to be this time of year, we are so glad our kids are out for the summer? Am I crazy, or do somehow we need a break from all the “drama” that goes on all the time with school? I know, with one teen and another almost teen, it is one thing from day to day…especially with my youngest…(Boys are so much easier than girls!) LOL! Wow, they grow up so fast!

Maybe it it is just the fact that we don’t have to strain ourselves to get not only ourselves up and out the door, but that we have to get every other person in the house up and out the door. During the summer we get to sit back and relax a little!

Today was so nice, I layed out by the pool for a while listening to the birds and enjoying the sunshine! Although it was mostly hazy today (smoke from the fires in GA and FL), but it still was a beautiful day… Enough of a breeze to keep us cool…

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